Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Final Descent

"What...what is this?" he cautiously asked.
His hand slowly came up to meet hers, outstretched and beckoning for his grasp.

She had carried him away into what could only be described as the whisper of beautiful oblivion. He trembled in her arms, and when he turned to look at her, only a quiver of his lips was what he could muster as speech. She nodded with knowing eyes, and her soft lips spoke words that he could not hear, for ringing in his ears was the rhythmic tune of the marriage of their beating hearts.

His eyes darted back and forth in confusion, and his breathing grew erratic. Smiling, she cupped the side of his face with one hand, and with the other, drew a finger over his mouth, slowly starting to hang open as she calmed him. An inexplicable warmth greeted him, and their gazes met and locked in place, not faltering for a second as they both were flung into the mosaic of all that they were.

They embraced, and breathed into each other for the last time.