Monday, March 12, 2007

Talking To The Moon

I am absolutely enthused; today, our radio program's producer, Rita, gave me my first big assignment: read author Noel Alumit's latest novel, Talking to the Moon, and then interview him on-air.
This is something I'm definitely going to anticipate and prepare well for.

Funny enough, she gave me the assignment unbeknownst to the fact that the author is Filipino-American, with the culture strongly tied to his story. I see it as an opportunity to at some point bring the conversation to common ground, and aid me in avoiding asking the ever-popular tiresome and generic questions. After all, I don't want to look like a feeble-minded simpleton in front of an author who just recently added an LA Weekly award under his belt; I want this interview to do his reputation good justice.

Only digesting a thin layer of the first part of the book, I already enjoy the novel - and the author. I have definitely grown much respect for him and his writing so far. It's someone like him that makes an aspiring author like myself feel like having a shot at really making it.

Feel free to enjoy this small excerpt from the book: